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How to connect your Teamspeak Server the first time

After ordering your new teamspeak from and sucessfully paying via paypal, you will recieve an email that looks like this:



Your new teamspeak 3 server is ready.

Your new teamspeak info is:

Your admin key is: c56+lAmahEFNLHd9jpM92KFbRqb4YlOvY5sKky+y  

(Use this when you first connect to your new teamspeak3 server)



You can always monitor, edit, customize hostnames and more via our teamspeak control panel at:


Username: YourUsername

Password: YourPassword


Thankyou for using ThunderWebHost,

Please contact us via live support or submit a ticket if you require any help with your products.

As you can see it tells you your new Teamspeak information, and gives you an "Admin Key".

To connect to your teamspeak for the first time you need to open the teamspeak client. 

click "Connections" at the top left of your teamspeak client and hit "connect" in the drop down box:
Teamspeak control1

Then you will see that a window pops up in the middle that will ask for the connection information, Nickname and a password.

Enter the connection info from the new teamspeak email you got (shown above step 1)

Then enter a Nickname - this will be the name that you have in teamspeak and that other users will know you as. 

Leave the Password field empty as this is the first time you connect; you can set a server password later if you want. 

When you are done click "Connect"

Teamspeak Connecting to a server

Now you will see that you are connected to the server and that it is asking for your Privilege Key

Enter the Admin key that you got in the email above.

Privilege Key Teamspeak tutorial

Once the key is entered click "OK" and you should see your name in teamspeak now has an "S" next to it which shows you now have full admin powers on your server.

Admin Powers Teamspeak Tutorial

Congratulations now you have connected to your new teamspeak! 

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