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How do I use the Teamspeak control panel?

The Teamspeak control panel is located here:

Log in with the information that you got in your teamspeak is now setup email. 

If you have forgotten your teamspeak panel login information or lost your setup email:

1. Log into the client area. Here:

2. Click on "My Services" 

3. Select "View Details" of the teamspeak package you want to login to.

4. Click "Login to Teamspeak 3 Control Panel"

--- 5. You can also find your username and password for the Control panel by clicking "change password" ---


The Teamspeak Panel: Teamspeak3 Control Panel

On the right you can see a view of the teamspeak server in realtime including all the channels and users connected. 

On the left you can see the blue links to the control panel pages.

Looking at each page:


Configuration Teamspeak Panel

This page gives you several options:
  1. Change the name of the server
  2. Change the server password or remove it (by leaving the box blank)
    This is very useful if you forget the password or a bad admin changes it 

  3. Change the Welcome message (the message that the server sends a user when they join the server

  4. Banner Target is the URL you want people to goto when they click the teamspeak banner
    Banner URL is the URL of the banner image (supports most image types jpg, png, gif, etc)

  5. Flood settings are all useful for keeping the spammers and idiots from the server automatically

    Complaint autoBan is how many complaints a user needs against him before he is auto banned
    Complaint Autoban Time is how long users will be banned for automatically

    Anti-Flood Tick reduce is how many times a user can spam with tts, channel moves etc before they are auto kicked

  6. Sumbit server Settings is what you click to save all the above settings



There is a how to explaining this in full here: 


Token Manager

This is where you can create new Tokens (also called Privilege keys or Admin Keys)

This is really useful if you change computers or re-install TS and you need a new key to make you an admin again.

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