If you are starting a small site or blog just to share to your family or to a global audience, the free alternative will do fine. However, if you are putting up a website for business purposes, it is best to find a suitable web-hosting package. Why is that? It is because there are lots of advantages to doing this.

Now, to help you see the need of doing so, check out these factors.


When people stumble upon your website and see "freewebhost.com/mydomain" on the address the bar, they will be less likely to take you seriously. Why? Because they think you are not taking your online business seriously too. So to build an image of credibility, you must have your own customised portal.

Ensuring a strong and stable connection to the wider world via a quality web host is crucial if your business relies on your online reputation. Once that's taken care of it's time to bolster that well-founded standing with some good content. Paramount Video Production in Brisbane can provide brand orientated and polished video content for you to share and convey the direction of your company to your customers.


If you want to ensure your domain is up and running 24/7, then you need to have a paid hosting provider than the free one. Most of the free site hosts offer limited bandwidth making your domain disappear online when it exceeds that quota.

No Limitation

When you pay for such a service, you will have the freedom to customise your CMS and add other features to make the portal personal. The free one does not offer that.

As you can see, these factors show that you will have a bigger advantage when you obtain a web-hosting package. With that in mind, check out the plans we offer here at ThunderWebHost.

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