Mobile-Friendliness – Why You Must Optimise for Mobile Search

Seeing that nearly half of all searches now take place on mobile devices and that this figure is only expected to grow, it makes perfect sense that Google would roll out what’s known as ‘Mobilegeddon’.

And if you haven’t had a digital agency like 24 Digital, or another website design brisbane company optimise your website for smartphones and tablets it’s about time that you did, because you’re only going to miss out on some remarkable opportunities and get left behind your competitors.

When it comes to website development , you are always better off investing in a company that will offer you a high level of service, and that will supply you with a quality website.

Here are five reasons why you need to optimise for mobile.

  1. Multi-screening builds better branding engagement

With 90 percent of people reporting that they ‘multi-screen’, i.e. move between devices to accomplish a task, this is a figure that all businesses need to sit up and pay attention to. By optimising for mobile functionality, you’re able to build better branding engagement because you’re building trust between your business and users, making them more likely to return to your website on a laptop or desktop to complete the task.

  1. Mobile gets more traffic – And will continue to do so

With mobile searches fast approaching 50 percent of all searches conducted online, it doesn’t need to be said that any business that hasn’t optimised for mobile is missing out on the opportunity to connect with so many more consumers than they currently are.

Google has made it perfectly clear that the future of search is mobile – this is noticeable already with their latest updates to the Hummingbird algorithm – so optimise for mobile and enjoy the many benefits of doing so.

  1. Optimising for mobile helps to increase conversions

As mentioned above with regard to multi-screening, many people use both mobile and desktop to accomplish tasks, so optimising for mobile therefore helps to increase conversions. What’s more, desktop sites in mobile browsers have proven to be a discouragement for mobile users and frequently have the effect of increasing bounce rates and making users take their business elsewhere.

  1. Mobile users are different to desktop users

It’s important to realise that mobile users are different to desktop users in a number of ways, for instance, they want information in smaller, easily digestible bites that enable them to make decisions quickly and on the go. Furthermore, research also shows that mobile users tend to make more impulsive buying decisions, further highlighting the advantages of optimising your site for the ease of mobile users.

  1. Optimising for mobile helps to reduce bounce rates

High bounce rates are an indication of problems with your site, so check your site’s analytics to see what your current bounce rates are like. Do this solely as a reference point, because regardless of what they’re like, you still need to have a first-class digital agency like 24 Digital optimise your site for mobile to improve user experiences across all digital platforms – smartphones, tablets and desktop.

So, there you have it. Five excellent reasons to optimise for mobile that will help you to further your branding objectives and build a bigger, better brand. Why not start today?

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